Quite a few of our more recent commercial construction jobs involved joining the process mid-job. In those cases, the client company had begun work with their own crews or with other construction contractors.

Sometimes it was a concern of snags preventing things from progressing at a rate where original deadlines were realistic. Other times it was a full-stop where some sort of unexpected challenge left the team confused about where to even go next.

We’ve worked in the project management space in the past for commercial jobs and have enjoyed a lot of wins when properly empowered. But in most of the cases in the past what we would’ve cited as the major source of the success was the ability to stay on budget and prevent setbacks.

Some of the, “Yeah, it happens” moments that this industry has come to accept as just part of the job can be avoided entirely with careful planning, not cutting corners with paperwork submissions to the necessary parties, and responsibly managing the crews.

That bit has come full circle in the last few commercial jobs we’ve done.

It’s an odd thing to bring up because there doesn’t seem to be a way to talk about coming into projects in disarray and setting everything right without sounding arrogant. All the same, its frequency creates an interesting sense of commentary about the commercial construction space and what’s become acceptable.

Creative Solutions for Commercial Projects

All of that to say this: we offer outside the box thinking to un-stuck commercial projects.

Maybe there’s a component of what you’re planning to do that is unusual. You know in advance it’s going to require careful planning, but more than that it’s going to require people with specialized skills that the average GC may or may not have.

And on top of that, what’s the sequence for all those moving parts?

People we talk to often report asking for a quote from a contractor and then never hearing from them again. Our guess is that a most of these cases the GC is looking for a straightforward project and doesn’t want the hassle of additional insurance considerations or having to bring on new crews or equipment.

It’s an understandable reaction, but is still frustrating for the household or business seeking a quote. At some point, somebody must want the work, right?

These seem to be cases where we can really shine. If you’re in this boat with the project you’re trying to get off the ground, give us a call.