A recent deck remodel project serves as a great example of what’s possible as we all gear up for the summer months.

In this case the home already featured a deck that swung around the sides of the home, but it was worn and the wood was showing signs of rot. Because it was multi-layer particularly, that posed big concerns for safety. Not to mention, of course, that the black discolorations were beginning to be an eyesore.

Tall shot of the original deck, showing signs of discoloration
The deck, before.
Original deck pre-project, with rotted wood
The deck, before, from the rear angle.

As you can see, the other trouble with the deck as it was is that while it had a railing, there wasn’t anything beneath it to stop chairs or people from going over the edge.

For children especially, this was problematic.

Deck remodel in progress, with some of the support beams swapped out
Work in progress, replacing damaged support beams.

The first component was swapping out the damaged support beams so that the structure would retain enough strength to be safe — both for the rest of the renovation and more many years of enjoyment.

Deck remodel finished with new safety rails
After shot 1, with new lattice and safety rails.

Ultimately the deck was entirely rebuilt with fresh, pressure-treated wood. The lower section was filled in with lattice, enclosing the space and improving the appearance from outside.

And that risky railing with the big gaps anyone could fall through? Solved, with safety rails vertically along the outer perimeter.

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