Remodeling and construction projects can be daunting things, but there’s no reason to let that come between you and the home you’ve imagined. Hiring a skilled general contractor can alleviate that stress, making everything from the planning to the execution straightforward.

Construction projects have a lot of moving parts, phases that need to be considered, and often things like permits and other authorization needed to progress. Even with the most meticulously laid plans unexpected things can arise, and knowing how to deal with them promptly can prevent hangups that can derail the project.

The Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

A network of subcontractors. Finding the right people for the job isn’t easy, especially for renovation you haven’t done before. General contractors have reliable teams of people they call on regularly, folks they wouldn’t bring into the project if they weren’t confident in their integrity and skills. Rather than taking a chance on an unknown, you’ll be benefiting from the relationships your GC has.

Insurance. Getting knee deep in a big renovation means accidents can happen. Having that cousin or good friend that’s sure they can help you handle it is great and all, but what if someone gets hurt during the job? Another advantage of hiring a general contractor is that they carry liability insurance, which gives everyone involved peace of mind.

Convenience. If you’re starting a big project that involves several different professionals, that can be a lot of phone calls and moving parts to keep track of. Not to mention that if one contractor falls behind, is late, or has an issue with materials it may hang up other contractors who are not in the loop. Using a general contractor means you have one primary point of contact, and this person keeps you informed of everything going on and makes sure things stay on deadline.

Better Prices. When you have to source your own supplies and materials you’re paying full retail price. General contractors often have partnerships or relationships with supply companies and other builders, which allow them to quite often acquire supplies more affordably. Not to mention that when there are a variety of brands and options available, your GC will know which ones are the best for the job and choose appropriately.

Avoiding Fines and Stalls. Construction, additions, and major changes to property often involves permits and other regulatory steps. If you don’t obtain the proper paperwork and permissions along the way, you could be looking at fines or even having the project shut down midway through until things are put in order. Once again, a GC will know ahead of time what the project will require and will ensure everything is handled for you.