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A-1 Renovation is pleased to offer interior design services in addition to our construction and renovation solutions. Whether you’re revamping parts of your home or adding a new space and want some help creating the right look, our skilled team is ready to help.

The colors and contrast of any room sets the tone. From playful designs for inspiration to elegant looks for entertaining, you’ll have the tools at your disposal to make it yours.

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Interior design is more than picking the right colors and accents.

Placement and arrangement makes the most out of your furniture and your accessories.

Have you had a room that’s always felt cramped? Sometimes the answer is as simple as rearranging it in a deliberate way. Other times the room is laid out for certain functions that you’d like to switch up. For instance, your space may have been set up to maximize storage, whereas now you’d prioritizing space for seating.

  • Get more out of the furniture you already have
  • Pick the most complementary new pieces for the space
  • Create a stunning look
  • Maximize usable space

Come up with ideas. Sometimes you know you want a change, but aren’t sure about the best approach. Where to begin? We can help you conceptualize a fresh look you’ll be proud of.

Create a budget. How much will some of your ideas cost? There’s nothing worse than getting halfway into a project that was supposed to be fun and realizing you’ve gone over budget. Then you’re either spending more than you wanted or end up with an incomplete look. We’ll help you know what to expect early on so that doesn’t happen.

Shop for the right accents. Having a plan for your new space is great, but implementing it is another step entirely. We can help you take a concept and shop for the things needed to make it a reality, from furniture to accessories that suit each other and give the room the right mood.

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