Our Bidding Process

To keep things as straightforward as possible, we like to share our bid process with potential customers so that everyone knows what to expect when starting remodel projects.

Here’s the break down:

Step One

We do an initial site visit to inspect the property and review your vision for the project. This helps us establish a budget and the scope of work, as well as the timeline for the project. If architectural drawings are necessary to do the work, we can refer to you a skilled professional to draw those up.

Step Two

We’ll visit the property a second time to meet with all the necessary trades professionals involved in order to gather quotes from them. We’ll also review any pre-existing architectural or engineering draws you may have.

Step Three

At this point we prepare at email summarizing the budget, timeline, and overall scope of work to be done. If our consulting or value engineering services are required beyond this point we also provide a quote for those. We can also work directly with the architects and engineers to interpret data and establish the costs of the project on your behalf if you’d like, relaying the costs to you directly. (Our labor cost for that is incurred at an hourly rate of $65, with a two hour minimum.)

Step Four

Once we’re under contract, we will coordinate sealed drawings and final costs from subcontractors. We will discuss the timeline and communicate with you as we proceed through the subsequent process.

Step Four

Your dream is now a reality.

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