Commercial Renovation

We think long term like you do, and plan around what’s going to last for your business. That means no surprise fees later, and no need to revisit parts that wear out or break down before their time.

When the ability to anticipate and avoid snags is the cornerstone of your continued growth, your building contractors should embody the same precision.

Our bidding is thorough, cuts no corners, and is future-conscious.

A Full Range of Commercial Renovation Solutions for Winston Salem

  • Commercial upfits & converting office spaces
  • Wall removal or additions
  • Complete facilities management (efficiency evaluation, nurses reports, etc.)
  • Lighting, flooring, and expansions
  • Mold remediation
  • Concrete repair
  • Demolition
Liberty street building remodel tore up
Commercial building remodel after window repair and exterior restoration
Liberty street commercial remodel before
Liberty street remodel after

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Building construction planning

Construction Management Consulting Services For Winston Salem & Nearby Areas

  • Contract review & negotiating
  • Estimation of costs, permits, etc.
  • Staff augmentation and management
  • Inspection and quality review
  • Analysis of productivity
  • Change order analysis

Commercial construction experience you can trust. Results that forge lasting relationships.

Real World Examples of Construction Blunders in Winston Salem That We’ve Helped Correct

Ok, we’ve made our point about the advantages of consulting for these types of jobs. To best illustrate that in a real world way, here are a few examples from North Carolina jobs we’ve worked via construction consulting.

Erroneous drainage systems. In one commercial building we addressed, a water drainage pipe was set up for one long, dramatic vertical drop that dumped directly onto concrete as it exited the building. Trouble was, the vertical drop caused the water to exit the pipe at high speed, hitting that concrete beneath extremely hard.

It’d caused major cracks and erosion, both of which caused leaks and water build up. After repairing the damaged concrete, we rigged a curved slope into the drainage pipe to taper off the water speed upon its exit, creating a far gentler drain that would not cause future issues for the concrete.

Cheap exterior materials and paint. This one notably came into play in a luxury apartment complex. The original construction contractors clearly were going for choices that made the building look high end on a budget, and whether it’d last was unimportant.

Not 2 years later did the sides of the units visible from the streets begin to show major wear. The property management company probably felt it hadn’t yet recouped its original investment yet from tenants, yet the exteriors already needed to be addressed.

Or, as an alternative, leave it be and allow an increasingly run-down appearance work directly against the appeal of what are supposed to be high end luxury apartments.

A-1 Renovation, Inc.
3264 Robinhood Road
Winston Salem, NC 27106

(336) 893-5901 award for top deck remodeler in Winston Salem 2022