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A-1 Renovation has the expertise to maintain, remodel, or up fit your commercial building.

As a commercial renovation contractor, we work directly with shopping centers, retailers and business owners.  We also work with property, facility and construction managers to assist with their design projects.

“Everything from the roof top to the black top.”

We have highly proficient craftsmen who keep the commercial renovation projects on schedule and within budget without sacrificing quality. You will have peace of mind that your project will done right all the way down to the last detail.

Our commercial renovation estimates include everything involved in the project. You won’t need to worry about hidden fees, cut corners, or aspects of the job that weren’t included in the bid that then become additional expenses once you’re halfway into the job.

That’s a common occurance in the industry, but we’ve built our 20+ year reputation on being thorough and anticipating snags.

A Full Range of Commercial Renovation Solutions for Winston Salem

Whether it’s time for a face lift or major retail upfit, there’s likely to be careful work needed with scaffolding, walls and structural elements, electrical work, and more.

Our work tends to be a smooth process, and lasts for many years without fading or wearing down.

Commercial Renovation & Project Management

A-1 Renovation prides itself on project management expertise. We’ve handled jobs of all kinds over the 20+ years we’ve served the Winston Salem area, and have developed a knack for anticipating challenges and keeping projects smooth from setup to cleanup.

We can act as the project manager, making the selections of which contractors are hired and directly overseeing those crews.

This allows us to avoid snafus and keep everything on track, and takes the stress off of property managers or other commercial leaders.

Those folks may not always know the questions to ask, the permits to obtain, or how to best coordinate those contractor crews. With A-1 Renovation, that doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Commercial Remodeling: Exterior Building Facade Renewal

One of our specialties is exterior facade renewal.  We can refurbish the entire facade of your building and incredibly improve its appearance. 

Your building can look like new at a much lower cost than replacing the existing facade.  It will give your business more curb appeal and improve its value.  A-1 has successfully renewed the facades of shopping centers and office buildings.

If you’re a retail location, the front of your building is the first experience your customers will have of the location. Dated, weathered, exteriors — or lettering that is no longer lit up — shouldn’t detract from that experience.

Minimal downtime. Maximum appeal.

 Commercial Painting and Specialty Coating Applications

The proper cleaning and painting of commercial buildings is an essential part of any preventive maintenance program. With an annual check-up program from A-1, we can ensure that your business structures are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s paint coating warranty labels.

Your structure’s paint and other coatings can see an increase in durability and elasticity up to 50 percent, which reduces the frequency of repainting for the life of the structure, saving your business money.

If your structure was built before 1978, the EPA has issued guidelines for handling lead-based paint. The Renovation Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) requires that workers disturbing lead-based paint be trained and certified, notify residents of the lead dust hazard, and follow lead safe work practices, in order to reduce exposure to lead dust. We are EPA trained and certified.

Specialty Coatings for Commercial Floors

A-1 provides specialty coatings and finishes for all types of floors.  We can help with stripping and refinishing both concrete and wooden floors.

Pressure Washing for Businesses

Cleaning the exteriors of commercial buildings on a semi-annual or annual basis is vital to maintaining the fresh look and appearance that keeps your commercial structures looking fresh and professional. It makes sense financially as well; the cost of regular pressure cleaning is extremely low relative to the potential cost of major repairs due to negligence of metal surfaces.

Airborne pollutants and other contaminants can become acidic in nature and will greatly accelerate the deterioration process of metal, stone, and concrete surfaces commonly used in commercial construction.

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We’ve worked with a variety of Winston Salem businesses as a renovation contractor. In some cases that’s been to revitalize the exteriors of retail stores or restaurant chains, restore metal finishes, or even maintain and repair parking lots.

A Commercial Construction Contractor Means:

  • Complete construction project planning
  • Budgeting and estimating for crews and materials
  • Setting milestones and managing process flow
  • Anticipation of snags and organized plans around them
  • Transparent communication throughout

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