A lot of renovation projects involve reworking existing structures. But sometimes the next phase requires tearing a structure down and rebuilding in its place. If you’re seeking a construction demolition company, A-1 Renovation can help.

Having a team that can properly and safely operate the equipment to manually dismantle a building or artificial structure is a core element of demolition work. We’ve done commercial-level construction for over 20 years, and we’ve consulted and acted as a project manager on top of that for a variety of large projects.

Demolition teams also must have containment methods in place for the inevitable dust and airborne debris created by the work. This may require obtaining additional permits.

All demolition crews must follow the Clean Air Act and National Emission Standards for Harzardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) — a set of regulations for how the demo work must be done and what precuations must be taken to ensure pollutants don’t affect nearby areas. This is in addition to any state and local provisions.

Check a demolition company’s reviews, reputation, and track record while entertaining bids.

Post Demolition Cleanup Included

We include demolition cleanup in all our bids, keeping that process seamless for everyone we work with. You have enough moving parts at play with a big construction project; the last thing you want to be messing with is how to neatly pack up the debris and take it away.

For residential construction jobs, this includes:

  • Kitchen demolition
  • Deck and patio demolition
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Cabinet and flooring demolition
  • Shed, play set, and yard demolition

Sometimes homeowners will choose to demolish a property because the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the house. One example would be on an old home where updating the plumbing and electrical systems would end up costing more than simply building a new house.

The other primary reason for demolition services for homes is where one is looking to build a custom home in an area that’s already fully developed. Such as a neighborhood with no empty lots for building, so a person might acquire a property, demo the current home on the property, and rebuild with a custom design.

Typical commercial cleanup needs include:

  • Furniture, drywall, and office cubicle removal
  • Office building demo
  • Shopping center demo and reconstruction
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Warehouses
  • Scrap metal

Reasons for commercial demolition can be more varied than residential, largely because of the stakes involved when large commercial properties change ownership. Sometimes the new function of the property will be entirely different than its previous design allows, and a typical upfit wouldn’t be sufficient.

It might mean pulling down walls of a section of a building, or revamping an entire parking lot.

These needs correlate with our extensive commercial construction experience, and we can help whether you’re a singular entity or a commercial real estate company.