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Common Types of Commercial Renovation Projects

"Commercial renovation" is a pretty broad term, and it's not always clear what that means. Beyond saying upfits and restorations for commercial buildings, we thought we'd share some common examples of what these type of renovation projects look like. The Mall Tenant...

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Lyndhurst Partners Project in Winston Salem, NC

Our renovation project at Lyndhurst is another good example of commercial work that restores a building's look and function. We provided the materials, labor, and equipment for the job in the estimate — and even included an addendum to cover window frames and...

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Tenant Upfits for Malls

Retail business is a tougher industry than ever before these days with the prevalence of online merchants. Folks still head out to malls for the atmosphere and the experience, though, which is the best way to leverage shoppers. When it comes to creating an experience,...

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Retail Store Renovation Projects

Recently we wrapped up a renovation project on a retail chain bookstore, one that while we were asked not to name directly still serves as a great example of the retail work we can do. In this case, they were looking to expand their product area and rework some of the...

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Emergency Repair Services for Businesses in Winston Salem

Emergency Repair Services for Businesses in Winston Salem

The need for emergency repairs can come from a lot of things, from inclement weather to electrical faults or accidents. But one thing is constant: when it happens, you need to move quickly to resolve them. Whether it's flooding or fire damage, structural concerns or...

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Kitchen Remodeling Projects: The Winning Residence

Kitchen remodeling is a great solution to upgrade your living space, allowing your home to grow with you over the years and stay modern. It can also add value to your home, so if you foresee moving at some point it's a solid investment. One of our recent kitchen...

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