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Complete Bathroom Makeover Project

This particular bathroom job is a bit more comprehensive than some. Typical bathroom remodels involve switching out toilets and sinks for a functional upgrade. In this case the project meant taking the walls all the way down to the studs to rework the space entirely....

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Mold Abatement in Older Homes

Mold buildup is common in older homes. Inevitably there is moisture that gets into certain areas over the years, whether it's because of leaks, cracks, or even spills. This is especially true in basements since the environment is appealing to mold. Basements generally...

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Fast Rental Property Repairs for Landlords

Fast Rental Property Repairs for Landlords

One type of home remodel that's common despite probably not being what first comes to mind is repair work on rental properties. After all, that's the reason landlords and leasing agencies require a deposit. In many cases this covers any damages left in the property...

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