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The Advent of Cross-Laminated Timber Panels

An exciting new advancement in building panels is underfoot, care of the University of Arkansas' research department. With a recent $100,000 grant, the team has begun experiments with a new cross-laminated type of timber to see how well it repels water and moisture....

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John F. Kennedy Center Gets an Expansion – First Since 1971

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, based right in Washington D.C., had a grand opening on September 7 to celebrate its first building expansion since 1971. The addition has been dubbed as "The REACH" and was designed by Steven Holl Architects. It sits...

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Dow Corning Silicone Sealant 10 Year Warranty

Our go-to sealant for exterior renovations and restorations now carries a 10 year warranty by Dow Corning. It's a 100% silicone coating, making it strong and durable even in the rigors of the elements. And because it carries such a warranty you can get the work done...

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Types of Bathroom Upfits

Types of Bathroom Upfits

Some home remodel projects involve getting that living room you've always wanted, one that the home wasn't set up like when you first purchased it. Maybe you've accepted it for many years, but eventually found yourself in a place where changes made sense. But when it...

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Our Big 64-Location Grocery Chain Project – Upcoming

In this line of work we don't generally drop names of companies we've worked with (often at their request), but we are excited that a well known grocery chain we've done some electrical and lighting work with before has asked us to sign on for a much bigger project....

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