Construction Consulting Services

For Commercial Jobs, Real Estate, and Government Construction

Advising on larger projects where experience is make or break.

Construction and large scale commercial renovation projects that will have a lot of moving parts are difficult to plan out.

We can assess the property your project involves for potential challenges that may arise so you can take precautions. Making a few extra steps in the beginning can prevent a lot of frustration later.

Here are a few examples:

Construction consulting can also help you:

  • Foresee structural concerns and prioritize sections of the project
  • Plan what will be needed to get it done
  • Ensure crucial information isn’t left off of bid requests to contractors

That last bit is surprisingly significant. Many a project gone awry in our experience stemmed from an incomplete bid request, slowing things down unnecessarily or causing complications later for things that weren’t accounted for in the beginning.

We’ve acted as watchdogs in the industry.

When organizations cut corners or entertain bids that are unrealistically “affordable” it quite often leads to some type of challenges later.

Sometimes those challenges are fines, being temporarily closed down, or costly repairs having to redo work that’s already been done.

Our advisory expertise is meant to cover both ends of these types of projects:

  • Manage the projects to prevent snags, hold ups, or costly setbacks
  • Review work that has been done to assess potential red flags and liability
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Choosing the Right Construction Project Bids

When you’re taking bids on an upcoming project you may notice pricing and features vary pretty considerably. It’s not always clear what to be looking for to distinguish good bids from less appealing ones.

Lean on our construction and renovation project experience to pick apart what makes sense and avoid situations where contractors may be cutting corners to present lower-priced bids.

Get A Construction Project Awry Back On Track

Sometimes a seemingly smooth project goes awry or hits some snags. If your current construction contractor isn’t sure how to best proceed, or seems like finished well past a hard deadline is inevitable, you might be looking for a second opinion.

We’ve been able to use creative solutions to get projects just like these back on track before, restoring profitability and staying within deadlines. Let us show you how that works.

Building construction planning

Construction Management Consulting Services

  • Contract review & negotiating
  • Estimation of costs, permits, etc.
  • Staff augmentation and management
  • Inspection and quality review
  • Analysis of productivity
  • Change order analysis

Experience you can trust. Results that forge lasting relationships.

Construction Consulting Gives An Accurate Picture of Project Parameters

Even if you have construction contractors you’ve used before that you may use again on an upcoming project, it helps to have a clear plan of all the moving parts that will be involved to make it happen.

Especially if the project involves using several different contractors that will have to work together yet not be in each other’s way.

We like to begin all our jobs with the client (whether that’s a homeowner or a commercial entity) and all the needed contractors at the same time. This way we can discuss steps, process, and the order each person will need to do their part to avoid holdups. If someone will need to order materials at some phase of the project we can coordinate another contractor to stay productive during the same so there’s no standing around burning valuable working days between now and the project deadline.

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