Commercial Consulting For Your General Contractor

Construction Consulting: Get all the benefits of our extensive experience whether we’re your general contractor or not.

Projects that will have a lot of moving parts are difficult to plan out.

We can assess the property your project involves for potential challenges that may arise so you can take precautions. Making a few extra steps in the beginning can prevent a lot of frustration later.

Additionally, we can help you:

  • Foresee structural concerns and prioritize sections of the project
  • Plan what will be needed to get it done
  • Ensure crucial information isn’t left off of bid requests to contractors

That last bit is surprisingly significant. Many a project gone awry in our experience stemmed from an incomplete bid request, slowing things down necessarily or causing complications later for things that weren’t accounted for.

We Can Oversee Commercial Projects As Well

If your project is large enough in scope that you’d like to go beyond planning, we can also help oversee the project to its completion. This involves coordinating with the general contractor (or acting as one), running the crews, and managing the project budget.

Let us offer our expertise before you begin your next project.

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