Medical Office Remodeling Services

Winston-Salem and Surrounding Areas of NC

Private practice medical practitioners generally run into one of two challenges when creating the ideal medical office:


There are some great available locations, but the spaces were previously for typical commercial businesses and will therefore need renovations to be compatible with modern medical office needs.


The private medical practice has been operating in one space for many years, and while it’s been a good experience, it’s time to upgrade walls, ceilings, floors, HVAC, or other components to keep the building modern.

Types of Medical Office Renovation We Offer in Winston Salem:

  • Medical office ceiling and floor remodel – Anti-slip floors that can withstand years of heavy foot traffic are important, and not necessarily a part of a standard office setup. Especially if there was carpeting.
  • HVAC and electrical remodels – Some medical offices require specialized ventilation or humidity control, and the same goes for electrical systems for equipment.
  • Walls, privacy, and HIPAA compliance – Standard walls and doors might be fine for the previous business in the space, but may not provide enough sound isolation for privacy.
  • Reception area upfit/remodel – Entryways, reception desks, and privacy closets for patient files are important additions that the previous space may not have been adequately set up for.
  • Wheelchair accessible entrances and sidewalks – Traditional office spaces may not have had this in mind, but it could be legally required for medical offices as well as a significant move toward patient care. This can also include handrails on walls, the style of the entryway doors, and similar accommodations in restrooms.

We’re based in Winston Salem, North Carolina and are equipped for all types of medical office remodeling jobs.

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