There’s a natural synergy between commercial realtors and professional renovation crews, and it’s largely because of the need for upfits between Winston Salem tenants.

Without a good solution for changing tenant needs from one contract for another, it’s all the more difficult to attract those new Winston Salem tenants when the space may not have the functionality or layout needed.

Whether it’s plumbing changes, electrical re-configurations, or even changing around walls and retail space areas, none of these needs should impair your ability to attract commercial tenants for Winston Salem businesses.

Contact us today to discuss some of the needs a prospective tenant of yours may have and we can review what would be involved.

Winston Salem commercial upfits make selling the value of the space easier.

It’s rare that a commercial space has exactly the configuration a business needs as they prepare to sign the lease. Even when the business type is consistent, such as the space being used by one restaurant and then another, layout and amenity needs still vary.

Having a consistent commercial renovation contractor you can call makes making these adjustments far easier and faster.

Once a good ongoing relationship is established you can show properties with confidence knowing that most types of, “could we change this?” questions are doable things.

Even in cases where the tenant may have to pay for the upfits themselves, they will be more willing to make the investment knowing someone knowledgeable is at the helm and just a phone call away from their realtor.

Upfits are common for malls and retail outlets, but also for property managers for apartments and similar setups.

Tenant spaces in malls perform upfits all the time because there’s a fair amount of lease turnover and because the types of businesses found in each iteration vary so largely.

It’s not usually as drastic as a retail space converting to a food vendor, since malls generally confine food to one area.

However, swapping between a clothing store and a beauty salon takes some doing.

And because clothing stores tend to use a lot of decorative walls to set the tone and organize products, even one clothier taking over a space from another can require a fairly different setup.