Deck and Fence Services

Builder, Repairs, and Restoration

Prepare your yard for warm weather with that fence or deck you’ve been planning. Our reliable team can get it done quickly, using quality materials to ensure your outdoor wood surfaces last for many years.

Deck Building

If it’s time to add a new deck to your home, you probably have questions about what will be involved and how long the deck building will take.

We begin with a thorough on-site review of your goals. This gives us the opportunity to have a look at your home, your yard, and review with you the type of design and size you’re looking for in your deck. From there we can start estimating materials and turn time and give you a clear picture of what the deck building project will entail.

If you’re not sure which colors to use for stain or paint, we can make recommendations based on where the deck is located, what the focal points will be, and simply how it can complement the color of your home.

Deck building services begin at $7,500. Call now to get a full quote!

Deck Repair and Restoration

A lot of folks we talk to already have a deck in place. Maybe it came with the house when you bought it, or maybe you’ve lived at this home for many years and the deck has seen better days.

The feeling that, “Our family would use the deck more if it weren’t rotted or warped, or if the kids weren’t afraid of getting splinters on it,” is a common one.

But it shouldn’t be something that holds your family back from enjoying what could be a great communal space together.

In these cases our team will come out and assess the condition of your deck.

How much of it is still good wood that can be left in place with a good sanding and re-sealing? Are there sections that need to be replaced with new wood? Once we determine that we can give a fair estimate of what will be involved, including time lines.

When we’re done you’ll have the peace of mind that the deck and patio areas are structurally sound, sealed to resist the elements, and unlikely to splinter off and hurt someone. And of course once the staining is done, they’ll look great, too!

If that sounds like your situation, give us a call today! Deck and patio builds begin at $7,500.

Adding a Fence for Privacy and Security

Fences provide a more personalized space in your backyard. Having a home on a street with a bunch of neighbors can be nice, but if everyone’s backyards are totally open it can feel more like a shared space than on dedicated to your family’s time together. If that’s how you’ve ever felt when hanging out in your yard, we’d be happy to discuss some different fence building options with you. We’ll figure out what would best suit your needs while fitting into your budget. Benefits of adding a fence to your property include:
  • It adds property value and curb appeal
  • Enhances privacy for your family
  • Creates a more intimate setting for entertaining company
  • Adds a visual deterrant to rear entryways, sheds, and other things that may attract the wrong kind of attention
  • Stops others from walking or cutting through your yard
Let’s talk about your fencing ideas and get your next goal for your home started!