Winston Salem Kitchen Remodeling Solutions

Get the reliable, trusted advice you need for your next kitchen remodel.

Whether you’re looking to expand a space or upgrade to add value to your home, we can help you craft a vision and bring it to reality. For 30 years A-1 Renovation has been a staple in the Winston Salem community, handling “everything from the rooftops to the blacktop.”

We bring the same attention to detail and care to our residential projects that have built a strong foundation in our commercial work. Much of that comes from anticipating what related considerations the project will entail.

Some types of kitchen remodel work can affect the electrical setup or even plumbing. Cabinetry and counter tops can mean new sizing for appliances depending on their setup, so that’s another area we can help you plan for. If you’re looking to upgrade appliances, we can help ensure you’re shopping the right sizes to fit your space, and can make recommendations about brands and features so you’re happy with your purchase.

But at the end of any project, the ultimate goal is to create something beautiful that you’ll be proud of. Remodeling is transformation with the goal of making your house feel more like a home, more like it’s yours.

With A-1 Renovation, you’re hiring experience and precision. Our kitchen remodeling services begin at $7,500.

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A Complete Kitchen Remodeling Solution for Winston Salem Homeowners

Sometimes homeowners want to expand a space and add square footage to a home they’ve enjoyed for many years. Sometimes they want to repurpose a space. And other times it’s a matter of wanting to upgrade appliances and trim in a room to give it a fresh, modern look.

Whatever your aim is for upgrading your home, we can help you plan it out and get it done.

A-1 Renovation is based in Winston Salem, NC, and we have a strong track record of great home remodel projects under our belts over a span of 20+ years. All home remodeling services, including kitchen remodeling, starts at $7,500.

Kitchen island and remodel ideas in a high end space

Kitchen Islands

Having an extra work space for preparing food, storing cookware, or even to eat at is a big plus for kitchens laid out well for it. A lot of families end up using kitchen islands as an all-purpose surface that they couldn’t imagine living without.

In some cases a home came with an island but it isn’t as functional as it could be. Maybe it doesn’t have any storage space, or it takes up too much of the kitchen and ends up in the way.

These are great opportunities for some kitchen remodel work to refit one area for much greater enjoyment of the space.

Kitchen Cabinetry

If you’ve owned a home many years, or recently bought on that was built many years ago, it’s typical that the cabinetry might need to be replaced and updated — from wear or just as a style decision.

Sizing everything and making sure it fits around sinks, refrigerators, stoves, and the room’s shape in general can be daunting. But this is something we strive to make simple for our customers.

If you have a specific vision in mind we can help you plan it out. And if you know you want a change but aren’t sure what would look best, you can lean on our expertise to create concepts.