A few years ago when you first opened the doors to your business you probably loved the way your office building looked. However, over time you might have noticed some overgrown trees or plants, corrosion, or maybe you just want a new look. 

We work with a variety of businesses to give their commercial buildings a little facelift and restore them to their full glory. We’ll secure all of the materials, labor, and equipment needed for the job so that the process is easy for you. When looking for commercial contracting, most people request help with corrosion, sealing exteriors and overall restoration. For an example of our restorative work, take a look here.  

We work to revitalize buildings by giving them a new look that your staff and clients are sure to notice. You might also find that the office environment has become more inviting. 

While we work with many offices, we also handle retail locations. Retail renovations often come from changing mall tenants. When a new store takes over a space, they often want to change the aesthetic to better fit their brand or specific needs. We can remove the old hardware and replace it with new pieces. We also work to refinish the store in order to provide the ideal look our customers are in the market for. 

We have also helped local businesses with repairs. A-1 Renovation has assisted local businesses with water damage from a bad storm, structural damage, and mold. One time a car even ran into a storefront and left a massive hole. No matter what your business needs, we are prepared to handle it promptly. 

A-1 Renovation would be honored to assist you in all of your contracting needs. You can take a look around our website to get a better understanding of all of the services we have to offer. 

We are licensed, insured and fully committed to the work we provide for our customers. Seeing as we have extensive experience, we are ready to predict and manage hiccups that might pop up during renovations so that we can properly estimate your timeline. 

Schedule a consultation online today so that you can get started on renovating! If you have any questions, please reach out to us by phone at 336-893-5901 or email at andre@a-1renovation.com. We look forward to assisting you in your renovation!