Replacing and rebuilding a brick wall is an important job, especially in situations where the building has aged and shows significant wear, has leaks, or simply does not provide adequate space for a growing business.

Asheville Farm Burger interior wall demo before shot

In this case, a project we began the end of May is the perfect example of this type of goal because it involves all the incidentals a business would likely need to consider.

  • Lighting and electrical work needs to be dismantled and safely handled prior to the work.
  • Signage, brackets, and other decor also needs to be removed.
  • Gas pipes and other crucial infrastructure also needs to be carefully planned around.

Some parts of this project are the client’s responsibility, such as removing signage from the walls in preparation for A-1 Renovation.

Asheville Farm Burger wall to replace with damaged bricks

As you can see, a fair section of the brick wall is worn and damaged. It draws the eye a bit, distracting from the menu boards and sending the wrong message about the establishment.

The goal here is to replace much of this wall with fresh bricks, and then seal and coat them. This protective layer will help the bricks last for many years without this type of wear reappearing, even over humid environments common to a restaurant or bar where drinks or hot food is cooked, stored, and served.