From erecting new buildings to paving and improving parking situations, commercial construction has a lot of moving parts that require careful oversight. If the wrong decisions are made in planning or managing work schedules, the project can end up taking longer than needed and increasing costs unnecessarily.

A-1 Renovation has led major city parking garage projects as well as numerous renovation projects for commercial chains, such as Bojangles. The ability to handle material acquisition, manage the crews, keep everything within deadline, and walk away with a beautiful finished project is why we were chosen then and continue to be called upon today.

But our familiarity with these kinds of projects isn’t limited to full-on construction management.

Construction Consulting

If you’re taking on a large project, particularly government projects, being able to anticipate helps you win bids and continue getting them. Are there choices on materials or multiple ways you could tackle the project and you’re not sure which would be ideal, this is where we can come in.

How long should a given task take? Are your crews on pace? How does billing work with government entities and what is the time line there?

These things can twist up all kinds of projects, turning an otherwise lucrative venture into a frustrating situation.

  • Create higher value to your commercial clients
  • Stay on top of changing industry standards
  • Get individual attention with big commercial experience

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