Remodeling commercial office space is hot right now, especially with the real estate market being so competitive right now. Sometimes business owners find themselves in the position where they’ve outgrown a space, but there’s nothing reasonable nearby to transition to.

But if you’re already established in a space, remodeling it to suit your needs could be just the thing to alleviate the growing pains.

Office Upfits for Medical Facilities in Winston Salem

Several local private practice doctors have benefited from upfitting a commercial space that was previously used for a different type of business. Rather than feeling limited to existing medical office space, these practitioners now have a much greater selection pool of where to set up.

Read more about medical facility remodels here.

Reworking An Office Space For Bakeries and Food-Related Business

The same points are true for restaurants and bakeries. Just because a space had previously been a clothing store, for example, doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted for the needs that come with food preparation.

Especially if the location is gold.

One such example is where we renovated an office space in a Jonestown Road plaza to accommodate a bakery.

The bakery is now open for business, and the inside looks great!

Little Cake Company

Adding Break Rooms To Existing Commercial Spaces

This is another common need for established businesses. Maybe you’ve been in a certain location for many years and don’t want to have to move, but your growing staff now requires break rooms and other storage areas.

Warehouse space, storage rooms, and other typical peripheral spots in office buildings make useful adaptations for break rooms and employee locker rooms.

It tends to mean reworking the electrical systems and plumbing, but is totally doable.

Retail Store Renovations for the Modern Winston Salem Shopper

Adding or removing walls, revitalizing the flooring, or upgrading the lighting are all renovations that pump up a retail space’s appeal.

Rethinking the customer’s flow from entryway to purchase can also make a big difference in their likelihood to buy (as well as how large a purchase they tend to make).

Bookstore Commercial Renovation

We’re Based in Winston Salem, NC and Have A Strong Track Record of Meticulous Work.

Our decades of experience have made us a resource partner for recognizable brands, including BB&T (when they were still called that), fast food chains, and some major property management firms.

We’ve shown these partners we can deliver with quality, timely work consistently. And when projects started by others needed to be rescued mid-job, we’ve come up with creative solutions to get things back on track to great result.