“Commercial renovation” is a pretty broad term, and it’s not always clear what that means. Beyond saying upfits and restorations for commercial buildings, we thought we’d share some common examples of what these type of renovation projects look like.

The Mall Tenant Upfit

Malls have to be able to adapt quickly between tenants to attract new ones. This means taking down stylized walls, racks, shelving, and in many cases even adjusting electrical systems to suit new tenant needs.

Read more about tenant upfits here.

Exterior Improvements and Restoration

Eventually the building’s siding and gutters get old and corroded. Paint fades, and metallic supports wear out and become safety concerns. If you’re in an area with a lot of trees and other plants, it’s not uncommon to see that become overgrown in time.

Removing corrosion, sealing exteriors, and restoring the look are common asks when we talk to businesses about renovation needs. A good example of that is our recent DMV renovation project.

Retail Renovation – Expansions & New Stores

Overseeing the construction of a new retail location is a big one — it’s less common than an expansion but it definitely requires careful planning to pull off smoothly.

More commonly, retailers expand their stores or renovate parts of the building to better accommodate customers. Sometimes it’s a franchise location situation in an older (or smaller) building than the rest of the chain, and it’s looking to come more in line with the others. Other times it’s a retail front that’s enjoyed so much success that it simply needs more product space.

You can read more about a project like that here.