General contracting involves managing a variety of subcontractors, but higher level planning can be a tall order depending on the project. Construction consulting is all about creating the blueprint of sorts that everything will follow.

Quite often the general contractor will insist on handling these tasks, whether the specifics fall within their expertise or not. What makes our service unique is that we can plan your vision whether we’re the GC or not. This allows us to work more closely with you since we’re not necessarily managing all the subcontractors.

Instead, we can stay focused on your overall vision, planning out the permits and permissions needed, potential snags, and specialists that may need to be involved.

Construction consulting means the little details are handled. No more slipping between the cracks.

Ensure your bid requests are complete. Often when companies put bid requests out there for GCs to create proposals, some sort of crucial information is missing. This can cause the GCs to unwittingly create inaccurate bids, since the bids were based on a project without certain details. That can lead to surprises later when something will take longer than you’d expected, or costs more than you’d planned.

We can review your project scope and make sure your bid requests include all the needed information, which means the contractors bidding will have all the details and can give you informed numbers.

We’ll assess the project’s location and structural concerns. You may want to re-pave or paint a city parking lot, for instance. Contractors will give you estimates for roughly how much it will cost to literally do the work. But what they may not take into account any structural/support concerns.

Will the work being done require certain permits? Are there structural repairs that need to be done before the core of the project can commence? If doing the project requires any demolition, are there collateral maintenance items that need to be considered?

With solid construction consulting as a foundation, you’ll have what you need to complete big projects without the hassle.