Winston-Salem is certainly changing! Lots of folks can take credit for the fresh energy of downtown Winston-Salem: developers, branding consultants, city council, artists, business owners. But would you believe me if I told you that construction project managers are the secret superheroes making all this happen?

Downtown construction projects need experienced construction project managers to keep massive overhauls of existing buildings — or the creation of new buildings in tight spaces — on track and on time. 

No longer a town of brick buildings developed to support the tobacco industry, developers are re-branding Winston-Salem as a City of Arts and Innovation. That new brand has prompted the construction of lots of glass front buildings that feature bright natural light and soaring interior spaces.

New construction projects, such as the iconic Arts for Arts Sake building on 7th St and Liberty, Innovation Quarter, and the new Central Library branch, are changing the aesthetic face of Winston-Salem. 

How are all these bright new buildings getting built? Well, when things go awry, construction project management companies are saving the day!

project management clipboard with glasses and pen

What exactly does a construction project manager do? 

  1. Help the creator of the project develop a clear plan. A construction project manager works directly with the developer or owner of the space to create a detailed plan and timeline for the construction project. 
  2. Lead the charge on enforcing the project plan. Ultimately, they are responsible for the safety and efficiency of the jobsite. The project manager will work with any other contractors to make sure that estimates, permissions, permits, budgets, materials, labor, and schedules are all adhering to the agreed upon plan for the construction project. When appropriate, a construction project manager can — and will — hire, fire, and supervise all workers on the project.
  3. Monitor all subcontractors. A construction project manager will ensure that all subcontractors are adhering to the plan, as well as giving their top priority and excellent performance for the project.
  4. Manage risks. This is where construction project managers shine. Experienced construction project management companies know what pitfalls to expect and how to avoid them. They know when timelines will lag, when mistakes are most likely to happen, and when to double or triple up their supervision. Hiring an experienced project manager can save months of time and thousands of dollars that can occur due to common mistakes construction companies make.
  5. Communicate with the developer/owner about progress. Construction project managers are committed to communicate with their client expectations, potential risks, quality control, and performance. If you have been frustrated by a lack of communication from a construction company, a construction project manager is what you need! 
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What happens when a construction project doesn’t have a project manager?

  1. Months of delays. If contractors are not communicating effectively, giant gaps can occur in the project timeline. Portions of the project aren’t completed on time. Subcontractors try to work at the same time or in the wrong order. The jobsite just becomes a mess! When construction projects go awry, it can take months — and sometimes even years — to get back on track.
  2. Budget implosion. For many developers, lost time equals lost money. However, budgets can fall apart in other ways too! Overspending on materials, inappropriate compensation for laborers, hidden fees, inaccurate custom materials, and inaccurate estimates are just a few examples of how budgets can fall apart when construction project managers are not involved.
  3. Wasted resources. Some construction companies will assume that they just need more resources to fix a problem. However, that is not always the case. Projects that were poorly planned will not get better from more resources. Construction project managers are equipped to make risk management decisions throughout a project to make sure the budget and scope are achievable and appropriate.
  4. Communication collapse. Receiving and passing along timely information is key for any successful construction project. Construction project managers will facilitate communication and ensure that all parties are held accountable for providing information when it is requested. 
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How can you choose the right project manager for a construction project?

  1. Hire them before you even start your project. The best time to hire a construction project manager is before the project even begins. With a project manager in on the initial discussions and planning process, they will be able to advise on the feasibility and best course of action for your project. Of course, if you are already well into a project and are utterly fed up with delays and escalating costs, hire a construction project manager today! They can still help you!
  2. Don’t choose the cheapest construction project management bid. Cheaper is not always better! The right project manager for your construction project will be upfront about the costs involved. Oftentimes, cheaper bids will have hidden fees later because they were not aware of (or upfront about) the actual expenses involved for the project. Whether you are renovating a building for your business or tackling a home improvement project, having the perspective of an experienced construction project manager will ensure your project comes in on time and on budget. 
  3. Make sure you select a construction project manager who has a proven track record. A-1 Restoration will help you plan your vision and coordinate with the general contractor or subcontractors to make sure that vision comes to life. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can — and will — stay focused on your overall vision and avoid any snags and pitfalls that other contractors may not see coming.

Click here to learn more about our commercial construction project management services. We look forward to helping you get your project done on time and on budget!