Recently we completed a commercial renovation project at Lidl involving their electrical wiring and lighting. In this case it wasn’t just swapping wires and connections, but entire power poles and swapping of entire light fixtures themselves.

Changes like these are an important part of a retail location looking fresh, modern, and well maintained. It’s especially important for Lidl because they’re a grocery store — they don’t sell fun gizmos, but food and supplies that literally run people’s homes. What could be more personal than that in retail?

To best set the tone for those products, the store needs to be well lit with natural light. Studies have always shown over the years that bright, natural light promotes positive mood, and it can make a bigger difference than you’d think. And efficient electrical systems keep store costs down, which affects everything else within.

As always, we prided ourselves on completing this renovation on time and on budget, giving the store what it needed with minimal disruption.