Multiple new apartment complexes built in downtown Winston-Salem have started to noticeably fade.

One set of apartments in particular was framed as luxury downtown living, complete with posh accommodations and rent prices to match.

The vibrant paint colors, originally chosen to attract attention, are dulling and peeling.

Exterior paint should not be peeling and faded after only three to five years — especially in commercial properties.

The fact that is has shows that the original contractors opted to cut corners upon construction.

These apartments are priced as luxury options, with the lowest model starting at $1,455. Compared to other apartments in the downtown Winston-Salem area, this is well above market average.

These fading exteriors prompt the question: how can you market luxurious apartments that look rundown?

Apartment exteriors are the first impression for potential renters. If an apartment exterior is not well cared for, luxurious interiors and other amenities cannot fully justify sky-high rent prices.

After all, those loftier interiors may not even be seen if the exteriors seem at odds with the price tag.

In addition, the lack of continuity between promotional photos and the existing building erodes trust with a new potential renter.

For example, “If the apartments don’t even look like the photos, what else are they misrepresenting?”

There are many apartment complexes to choose from. We don’t want renters to have any unnecessary reasons to not choose your facility.

If your apartment complex exterior has not held up well, reach out.

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