A-1 Renovation has handled construction projects for folks in Winston Salem, NC for over 20 years. As the general contractor, we’ve overseen the planning and day-to-day operation of some big projects for the city itself and businesses that operate within.

For us, organization and safety have always come first. It’s easy to say, since no one in the industry would ever say otherwise with regard to safety. But our track record speaks for itself, particularly as a long-standing contractor for franchises like BB&T and Bojangles.

The way we see it, the biggest asset to any construction or renovation project is the ability to forecast.

We’re A Proactive General Contractor

Knowing the best materials to acquire, who to hire, and how to keep everything on pace is important, but is also something any general contractor can do. Our experience with bigger, longer projects means we’ve seen it all. This allows us to anticipate permits, snags, or potential challenges in projects.

Something that holds up the project briefly is far less troublesome when everyone involved knew about it ahead of time, and permits are much easier to acquire in an organized fashion early on.

When it comes to emergency repairs, being able to act quickly and rely on a GC to coordinate efficiently is crucial.

One example of this was a large office building where a car had driven through one of the walls, leaving a gaping hole in the side of the building. As a busy headquarters for a community staple, keeping rain and other elements from getting inside, as well as restoring that side of the office to working order, were on an urgent time table.

We had the opening sealed within 24 hours, and had the wall and windows restored quickly enough that it was minimally disruptive to the staff working within.

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