Hotel remodels don’t have to be huge endeavors with plastic wrap and caution tape everywhere, or the kind of thing where the hotel needs to shut down for a period of time.

The best ways to keep things modern with minimal disruption is to add strategic remodels, such as addressing the hotel bathrooms, in phases. Then you might make another pass some other point to address room amenities.

Hotel Bathroom Remodels Are Arguably Among The Most Important.

This is largely for two reasons.

  1. Not everyone will use the TV, or the downstairs restaurant, or need laundry service. But everyone will use the bathroom to take a shower and prepare for the next day.
  2. Hotels see far more foot traffic than homes, and any part of the accommodations guests use the most will wear out much more quickly than private properties.

Put another way, it’s easy to think only of the flashy amenities to grab the guest’s attention like pools, hot tubs, or big screen TVs. While those additions are undeniably a draw, sometimes it’s the subtler things that really make the experience.

The lasting positive impact of swimming in a pool, for instance, probably won’t outweigh the negative experience of a dated or poorly functioning bathroom.

A dripping sink, a worn or leaky toilet, or clunky hair dryer can erode that feeling of luxury the hotel may have just established. And in some cases, those things are enough to ruin the hotel stay.

Hotel Plumbing Issues Are Probably Your Biggest Cause of Last Minute Room Changes.

Hotel profitability is a balancing act of booking as many rooms as possible while leaving some open for walk-ins and switches. It’s a must have, but toilet clogs and other room issues can lead to last minute switches.

When it’s a holiday weekend or other big event, it’s a real shame to be out of rooms when guests come knocking because you’re having to repair several rooms and those same guests have taken up whatever other rooms were left.

Updating plumbing — and hotel room bathrooms in general — probably will involve some spaces being temporarily unavailable even in the best of cases. Being able to plan that around less demanding times is a big win.

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