If supply line changes cause your facility to need to switch up how it handles its manufacturing and distribution, you may indeed need to renovate the space to accommodate those upcoming needs.

A recent project we began serves as a good example of this, where a Clemmons, NC area industrial plant that makes plastic molds for batteries brought their manufacturing in-house. Previously they’d had their parts produced overseas and shipped in, to be assembled and distributed from the local facility.

But recent changes caused the company to see more value in becoming more hands-on. Now, they wanted to be able to manufacture their own parts and own the entire process, but the facility was not fully set up to do that.

Prepping Industrial Space for Manufacturing – The Remodel

The facility needed to change walls and convert office space to concrete floor areas suitable for plastic mold fabrication machines. The project involved things like:

  • Removing walls strategically to open up certain areas of the building
  • Upgrading ventilation systems to properly and safely remove fumes and heat

From Pre-Construction To Cleanup – Construction Planning and Management

One of the most tedious parts of construction projects like this for businesses tends to be the fragmentation of vendors needed to accomplish everything.

They may begin by speaking to an architect to produce technical drawings, and then have to deal with numerous contractors for each stage of the remodel.

At A-1 Renovation we provide exceptional value for clients by handling the entire process. We can meet with you and help map out the vision for your project, creating a detailed plan for the sequence everything has to come together, all the materials and vendors needed, and seeking appropriate permits.

Simplifying the Construction Procurement Process

You have a facility to run. The last thing you need to add to your plate is interviewing and hiring all the needed contractors, let alone coordinating them.

As the construction manager, we obtain all the needed materials and oversee each crew to ensure everyone stays on task, and that no one is holding up another crew’s work.

Call us today to schedule a consult for your next remodel project — we’ll review costs and can optionally help create a plan of action for you so you’ll know exactly which steps to take and what your options are.