Condos undergo regular maintenance to stay attractive to potential tenants, but fire escapes aren’t something most people probably think of right away. The thing about areas that have been around for awhile and have some history is that vegetation can go wild. In cases this this one, pine trees and other undergrowth were taking over the fire escape — even damaging parts of it in a few spots.

Aside being unsightly, this is obviously also a safety hazard. Our project involved  first cutting down a section of trees to prevent further growth and open up the area for the other repairs.

Metal Work Repairs and Restoration

From there we disposed of the metal stairs stringer and tread plates, as well as the main platform plates. The replacement parts were shop primed and painted black to match the new metal columns and framing.

We covered the window areas with plywood sheathing to protect them from damage, and filled and painted the holes afterward so there was virtually no trace of the repair.

When we were finished the area was free of trees and vegetation, the stairs and platform were safe, and the metal structure looked new.