This is a question that came up recently for a woman in downtown Winston Salem. Her intention was to live in the loft above her commercial office, and she was checking into what would be involved.

If you’re interested in a hybrid purpose space, read on or contact us to see if we can help.

It’s certainly doable, but anyone considering something like this should know that there are various requirements that differ between residential and commercial spaces. One simple “for instance” is the need for sprinkler systems in the event of a fire. Depending on the design of the building and what specific type of business operates below, where and how that works will vary.

If you already have a commercial space, it’s not as simple as installing a bed and shower and moving in.

Your particular city may have certain zoning restrictions, and it may affect what types of insurance you’re able to carry on the property. If there’s a fire or a robbery, for example, belongings that are not part of the business may not be covered if the insurance policy is primarily for the business. In short, it’s all easy until it isn’t.

There are different structural requirements to consider as well. Living spaces generally require windows with an exit point, but may not be subject to special door widths to accommodate wheelchairs like commercial spaces do.

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