This project is a good example of maintenance that has to be done for any retail location, especially one with a sign as large as TJ Maxx. The storefront uses a nice looking series of brick columns, and in this case a few of them needed to be replaced.

And kind of damage or rot on the front of a building really casts the wrong image, which is why TJ Maxx was prompt to address it. Below are some before shots without the panels.

To ensure that the new panels would match the existing ones, we applied a grey skim coat to the existing panels. This refresher gave them a like-new look that would be seamless once the new panels were installed.

We were able to complete the job in 2 days over a weekend, minimizing the inconvenience to visiting customers and getting the building looking its best again before the following business week.

As you can see, the new brick columns went in without a hitch and looked great, setting off the TJ Maxx logo beautifully. This is a great example of one type of commercial restoration project we can perform for local businesses, even on quick turnaround.

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