Recently we wrapped up a renovation project on a retail chain bookstore, one that while we were asked not to name directly still serves as a great example of the retail work we can do.

In this case, they were looking to expand their product area and rework some of the electrical systems to accommodate.

Bookstore renovation and upfits for retail locations

Our team carefully removed the rear retail walls, and began the work of turning unfinished warehouse space into usable retail product space fit for customers.

Note of course that this project was going on during a regular work week, so the team had to work as quietly as was feasible, and keep things on pace so that disruption to customer flow was minimal.

While this area was exposed, we went ahead and made necessary adjustments to the electrical systems, installed new ceiling and track lights, and prepared the floors for carpeting.

Bookstore back room renovation and prep for flooring

With these kinds of projects it’s important to stay organized. You have different crews working in tandem, and in order to make sure they aren’t in each other’s way or working on things out of order there needs to be a detailed plan that keeps things on track.

Otherwise, it’s how things get missed and costly mistakes are made.

Our project management experience gives us a lot of insight here. Before setup even begins, we’re anticipating where you’ll need permits, what tasks must come before others, and what things are potential snags that could stall the project.

By the time our crews hit the floor, we’re working with well-defined timelines and everyone knows what their job is. That may sound like a given, but we’ve been brought into enough jobs mid-completion to salvage them to recognize that this isn’t always the case.