Winston Salem has been going through something of a re-brand in recent years with names like “The Innovation Quarter” cropping up. A beautiful community has sprung up around it, including the weekly Venture Cafe event designed to connect entrepreneurs and act as a platform to present ideas.

Travel into downtown and you’ll see that the once industrial center is becoming something very artistic. Commercial construction projects have included creative staples like the Art For Art’s Sake building on Liberty Street. Whole sections have been revamped and improved, allowing for a modern gallery to showcase local talent.

The entire park around the building is a nod to artists; if you haven’t been by, definitely give it a look. (It’s particularly striking at night.)

Art For Art's Sake At Night Shot

Multi-City Commercial Construction Transforms The Triad

Greensboro has followed suit by launching preparations for their own “Innovation Village”. The aim is to be a hub of local business, and an area where creative types will gravitate toward for collaboration or even to sell their crafts.

Planning for this significant undertaking began in 2017, and the work is slated to continue through 2025.

That, on top of recent renovations to the Piedmont International Airport, are a solid push forward to a more modern city. With High Point’s Furniture Market draw and other larger cities in NC being hubs of travel, it behooves the Triad to create an atmosphere that draws visitors and vacationers. And let’s face it: being a tobacco capital in a time when vaping and other alternatives get so much attention isn’t the way to stay ahead.

But commercial renovation in busy community hub takes a lot of coordination. It’s easy to look at the beautiful end results of these projects and appreciate how they visually set the city off, but to have kept all those balls in the air straight while it was happening is where the hidden magic happened.

From single building projects to larger scale commercial construction, A-1 Renovation is ready to take the helm and pilot the project to the end result your business deserves.