Construction sites are notoriously dominated by bulky equipment and noisy diesel engines.

Building construction and operations were, globally, responsible for 36% of final energy use in 2018. In fact, construction emissions hit 9.7 metric gigatons of carbon dioxide in 2018.

Environmental protection regulations are placing these sites under a microscope.

Construction companies around the world have been seeking innovative solutions that simultaneously increase productivity and reduce carbon emissions on the work site.

Technology Reduces Phantom Energy Draws

Balfour Beatty, Sunbelt Rentals U.K., and Invisible Systems have worked together to create a new system: EcoNet.

According to Balfour Beatty, EcoNet assists homeowners by “controlling and reducing the energy output from key appliances.”

EcoNet reduces energy output by automatically turning appliances and equipment off when they are not in use.

Some countries, like Brazil, have invested in building more renewable energy plants to meet the needs of construction companies and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Innovative Uses of Automation

Producers of large diameter pipes are integrating automated sensors which detect and report changes in the internal environments of the pipes. These sensors allow issues to be identified and repaired long before they create problems.

Other construction sites are leveraging drones, automated machines, digital tools, and remote assistance to increase productivity and safety.

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