The world of construction is changing swiftly.

Concerns about the environment continue to escalate, and construction companies are responding by bolstering their sustainable product options.

“Green” construction products that decrease emissions and mitigate energy loss are proving to be the best investments.

Some long established construction companies are acquiring green companies to keep up with demand for sustainable options.

One such company, cement maker LafargeHolcim, is acquiring a specialist roofing company. The roofing company, Firestone Building Products, specializes in insulated, solar, and green roofs that mitigate energy loss.

One of Firestone Building Products’ options, ECOPact concrete, boasts 30% to 100% less carbon emissions compared to standard concrete.

New Green Roofing Options

For green new construction and home remodels, one of the easiest sustainability hacks is to upgrade a structure’s existing roof.

One of the best investments for roofs are solar panels. Solar panels produce energy to help power operations.

Other “green roofs” are also seen as a way of improving the way a building functions and interacts with its surrounding environment.

Green roofs (which rang from small planters to giant gardens that cover an entire roof) boost urban air quality, provide additional insulation, and offer healthy habitats for endangered wildlife. 

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