North Carolina’s new “Safety First” statewide campaign aims to inform employers and workers in the construction industry about the latest safety guidelines concerning COVID-19. The aim is primarily to prevent the spread of the virus on construction sites.

Closing construction entirely has proven not to be viable amidst shutdowns throughout the last year, so this is an optimistic way to preserve public safety while otherwise keeping things moving forward.

This campaign comes at the behest of a grant from the NC General Assembly, providing $3 million to the construction industry for COVID safety measures.

A big part of what this will entail will be a series of virtual workshops in conjunction with the Department of Transportation. The workshops will also include leaders in the construction industry coming to speak to share their lessons learned in 2020 and best practices.

Because these workshops will be virtual, anyone in NC should be able to attend regardless of locale.

What the Workshops Entail

In summary, workshop attendees will learn about:

  • The latest best practices for the industry, in line with all current guidelines and requirements
  • Hard lessons learned by leaders in the construction space and advice for others in construction about how to avoid those pitfalls
  • How other governmental agencies are assisting, becoming involved, and are affected by the construction industry

This seems important as we go into 2021 since news networks like ABC are still reporting new outbreaks in North Carolina.