It’s an understatement to say that there’s a lot at stake on construction projects. But as obvious as that seems, the construction industry is still rife with accidents that, at the very least, hang up the process unnecessarily.

And at worst, result in major lawsuits against the property owner or management companies.

We’ve encountered many situations over the years where corners were cut, either when we’ve come in to consult mid-job where someone else had started, or to do work years later on building issues where it’s clear bad choices resulted in repairs.

Cut corners can lead to equipment failure or construction teams not following safety procedures, and both of those are the biggest contributors to construction accidents.

Here’s how that comes into play.

Shoddy Construction Management Standards Lead to Costly Mistakes

Construction managers, whether it’s the head of a construction firm or even the site foreman, need to have firm control of the project to keep everyone safe.

The biggest causes of injured construction workers calling construction accident attorneys tend to be scaffolding accidents, falls, and crane accidents.

The reason these lawsuits succeed is because somewhere along the way, there were blatant oversights that led to floors giving out and workers falling. Or weak scaffolding to give way and cause grievous injury or death. Nobody wants a mistake like that on their record.

And in basically all of those situations, there was likely someone in charge shrugging a shoulder and saying it was no big deal. That’s not to throw shade — it’s just the reality that’s been the case many times.

So how can you avoid that mess?

We’ve Been Doing Construction Consulting For Decades and Have Never Had Accidents Like These On Our Job Sites.

We aim to be competitive with our bids in terms of pricing, but to do it right also means we’re not usually the cheapest bid on someone’s desk.

What that means however is a thorough planning process where snags, dangers, and logistics are carefully accounted for. And if you want us to manage the construction as well, our industry experience means excellent coordination of different teams as well as realistic time lines.

No simplistic bids that involve surprises later.

Our reputation for straight shooting and eye for detail is the reason we’ve worked with big names like Wells Fargo, Meridian, Bojangles, and other large chains. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and the stability we’ve created, and we’d love to hear about your next construction project.

Contact us today and let’s create a plan that keeps you profitable.