The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where family and friends gather, whether conversation happens, and where we enjoy meals and companionship.

Fixing your kitchen will not only increase your home’s value but will also make cooking in it more pleasurable. Depending on your budget, remodeling your kitchen can be simple or extensive.

To get the best Return on Investment (ROI) here are the things that you need to focus on:

1.   Expand the space.

When shopping around for a new house, most potential home buyers are looking for larger kitchen spaces.

If possible, the obvious option is to knock down a wall. However, if this isn’t possible, you could still give the illusion of spaciousness by doing things like:

  • Putting baskets on the cabinets

That awkward space above cabinets is rarely used, you can add baskets there for efficient storage in a small kitchen.

  • Adding a pullout pantry

A pullout pantry is a great space saver that makes use of the space between appliances and cabinets.

  • Keeping the clutter away

Put all unnecessary things away and leave just a few accents and the necessities out in the open

  • Using the vertical wall space

Yes, you have limited horizontal space but you can still make use of the extra vertical wall space to hang a pot rack.

2.   Paint neutral colors.

While neutral colors may not seem as exciting, these tend to go well with just about anything. Painting your kitchen neutral colors might be the biggest ROI you’ll see in your kitchen remodel.

3.   Upgrade the appliances.

Does upgrading your kitchen appliances mean you have to buy the most expensive Sub-Zero refrigerator with French doors? Or, does it mean that you have to buy the $9,000 commercial-quality Viking range?

Of course not!

Upgrading your kitchen appliances means giving potential home buyers the aesthetic, quality and functionality that they want without spending a fortune.

When upgrading your kitchen appliances, here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Look for functional features. For example, look for temperature controls, dispensers, and water filters and flat-top cooking.

Opt for energy efficient appliances. Think “eco-friendly” and look for the Energy Star logo. This will help reduce gas and electricity bills.

Look for appliances that are stylish. For instance, those that are integrated within cabinetry. These will make your kitchen look seamless.

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