Besides increasing your home’s value, remodeling your bathroom can add comfort for everyday living. The remodel can be as simple as changing out faucets and towel rods or as complex as rearranging tubs and toilets and knocking down walls.

Here are some tips to get you started in this regard:

1.   Replace the lighting.

Good bathroom lighting can change the look and feel of a bathroom at the flick of a switch. Choose bathroom lighting that is functional, practical, and decorative.

2.   Reseal your tub and sink.

Nothing draws attention away from even the finest décor and fixtures like a line of dirty caulk around your bathtub. The solution: get rid of old caulk by scrubbing down your tub or sink, then apply a fresh line of caulk.

3.   Add bars and hooks.

Typically, these organizers are mounted on walls. But, for an interesting look, add these to cabinets, doors and window frames. These can be useful for hanging canvas pouches, laundry bags, buckets of toiletries and clothing.

4.   Replace your shower head.

A new shower head adds a pampering touch to your bath. New budget-friendly fixtures feature rainfall-style heads, adjustable heads, and pulsating sprays.

5.   Deep clean surfaces.

A good clean makes your bathroom look and feel better. You could do things like:

  • Dismantle the light fixtures and wash all globes
  • Dust all doors, door frames, and cabinets
  • Scrub all surfaces, including cracks and crevices

Remodeling your home’s kitchen and bathroom can give you a lot of bang for your buck. According to remodeling experts, you can recoup most costs when you decide to sell your home.

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