After years if living in your current home, it may feel like time to make some quality of life upgrades. Maybe to expand some space or make it easier for guests to stay over.

In this case, perhaps you’d like to add a guest bathroom so your master bedroom’s bathroom is more private, and now there are more amenities for visitors.

That’s exactly what we did for a recent customer in the Winston Salem area.

They had a long hallway area separating the guest bedroom from the master bedroom, and originally only one bathroom in that section of the home.

With some clever use of space near where the hallway bordered the guest bedroom, we were able to add a new bathroom, complete with toilet, sink, shower, and cupboard space. It’s conveniently placed by the guest bedroom door for easy access, and now allows guests a place to go without having to go down the hall into what is now the master bathroom.

Bolton St hallway with new bathroom added

This Remodel Added Valuable Space To The Home, As Well As Increased Its Value.

Any time a remodel improves the home’s value is a win. In this case, it meant a major step forward in usability as well.

Custom marble tile shower wall shelf
Shower wall shelf.
Custom shower head in the remodeled shower
Custom shower head
Newly installed toilet and plumbing
Bolton Street house new corner sink in bathroom
New corner sink to fit in the bathroom space

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