Bonus rooms can be added anywhere in the home, provided the architecture supports it. In this case, a homeowner wanted to add a bonus room to their unfinished attic.

Here are some project shots detailing the process.

We begin with the bare, unfinished basement. You can see the exposed wooden beams throughout, where this basement had primarily been used for storage up until this project. Even the flooring was bare particle board.

Attic Before, Wide Angle

The first major steps were to add insulation to the walls and add sheet rock to the walls and ceilings. For this to become a finished space, the flooring would have to come next. Ample electrical outlets were installed for flexibility of what this room could be.

Attic Progress Shot, Drywall Up

As you can see above, the room was really starting to come together. With some real walls in place, the space was already starting to feel like somewhere people could hang out or sleep.

Beautiful finished attic bonus room.

Above we see the finished space, with painted grey walls, moldings, a new door installed, and wood panel flooring. Added touches included a ceiling fan, which is very helpful in an attic space that might otherwise feel stuffy.

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