Recently we wrapped up a bedroom and bathroom remodel project in Winston Salem, and it stands out as a good example of what homeowners in the area may be after.

The family had a hallway with a bathroom on the right, and at the end of the hallway a small bedroom. The idea of the project was to expand the bedroom and create a master bathroom off the one side, so that the new bathroom shared a wall with the existing bathroom accessible from the hallway.

Hallway of the remodel with bathroom on the right

Having the extra space was important for a family with 4 dogs, each of them a different size and temperament.

But the bedroom and bathroom remodel did more than just expand the space with modern materials.

The Bathroom Portion of the Remodel

In the bathroom, we installed a smart panel into the light switch area. This panel features touch control for ceiling lights, fans, and even bluetooth.

Touch panel for light and fan controls

To maximize the space, a large stand-up shower was installed with all glass exterior. The front sliding doors provide ample space to step in and out, and an equally large shower head provides a rain-like hydration.

Glass shower door portion of bathroom remodel

Since this new master bathroom exists just on the other side of the wall from the other, pre-existing bathroom, the plumbing is efficient. This saved on costs to set up, and makes any future plumbing maintenance easier as well.

The Bedroom and Closet Remodel

After expanding the bedroom area, re-carpeting, and repainting we took one further step on the efficient plumbing. A closet area, just left of the doorway into the hall, became a hybrid space.

Sliding door remodel

On one hand, the closet area features multiple rows of shelving to hold shoes and other belongings. But behind the shelves lie a washer and dryer hookup. Right now, the homeowners have more use for the closet as a storage space. But in time, they will be moving their washer and dryer into this space, and it’s perfectly set up for it.

The sliding door allows the choice for covering the closet area or closing the bedroom off. All with one door that does not swing out into the room and reduce usable space.

Jurrissen bedroom remodel complete

In the end, the family gained a beautiful master bedroom, now much larger. The room featured new carpeting, a new hybrid storage and washer/dryer closet, and freshly painted walls.

Bedroom remodel at an angle, showing dresser and carpeting