We’ve been doing quite a few remodels in a Winston Salem retirement community. From last summer to now in 2023, we’ve been adding sunrooms, carports, and in some cases new decks and patios. Each property ends up with a fresh, modern, and comfortable vibe.

In this post we’re going over just such a project — turning a basic driveway up to the side of the house into an adjoined carport that includes a new entryway into the home.

Early photo of the carport remodel project on Lynch Court, from the front

The photo above is from early on in the project. As you can see, we had the new carport framed out and ready for initial inspection. Further back, you can see the new sunroom that it attaches to.

This provides a direct entryway into the home versus having to walk around to the front door way over to the right. Now, the resident can get right out of their car and head straight inside.

Side view of the new carport as the framing is completed.

Next the support beams will be capped and painted, and the ceiling will be finished so the joists aren’t exposed.

Next phase of the new carport, with ceiling complete and wrapped

In this next phase, the ceiling is sealed and more of the support beams are painted. It’s looking better, and far closer to move-in ready.

Front view of the finished carport remodel

Here is the front view of the nearly finished carport remodel. All the banisters are complete and painted, the doorway into the new sunroom is ready and functional. Last tweaks to the driveway pavement itself to be done, and then general cleanup.

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