The need for emergency repairs can come from a lot of things, from inclement weather to electrical faults or accidents. But one thing is constant: when it happens, you need to move quickly to resolve them.

Whether it’s flooding or fire damage, structural concerns or even mold, A-1 Renovation can help you get your home or business back on track. We’ll source the specialists needed to address your need promptly, starting with blocking off the affected area so that (as much as possible) it doesn’t impact the rest of the property.

Examples of emergency repairs

One prevalent example is where we repaired the outer wall of a BB&T branch that’d been hit by a car. The windows and outer structure were destroyed, leaving a large gaping hole right into the building. Obviously for a busy bank branch that’s pretty obtrusive and unsettling to customers. But in that case it didn’t have to shut the branch down.

We had the damaged area contained on day 1, insulated from the outside and isolated from the rest of the branch so that staff could resume work as quickly as possible. We cleaned up all the broken glass and debris to ensure safety, and restored both structural integrity and installed new materials, complete with windows and metallic trim.

On the residential side, a recent example is the L Thomas project we posted. In particular, that home was affected by water damage that had rotted out an entire section of structural support underneath a sliding door. Everything from the support joists to the siding over top the area needed to be replaced carefully. Obviously any time there’s rotten wood around supportive areas of the home it calls for a skilled professional, both to prevent injury while climbing around the area but to ensure removing the damaged pieces doesn’t cause collapse or other damage.

This particular repair might have been fairly extensive, but the problem in general is a pretty common one for homeowners. No matter how well built your home is, after owning it long enough it’s not unusual to eventually have to deal with some kind of damage.

We have the experience and the contractor teams to address your needs quickly and with care. Call us today if your home or business is affected by:

  • Flooding, leaks, and other water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Broken windows or surfaces
  • Rotted wood and materials
  • Mold