When you’re looking for a fence company — A lot of houses are built without a fence by the perimeter. Maybe you purchased a home because you liked everything else about it but always planned to add a fence. Or maybe you’ve recently had kids or gotten a pet and see a new merit to adding some perimeter protection.

A-1 Renovation is known for its home remodel projects of all kinds in the Winston Salem area. If you’re looking for some assistance installing a new fence, give us a call today to discuss what you’re looking to do. We can get you an estimate and talk about time frames, and you’ll have everything you need to make a great decision.

Fence Panel Installation

Fence panels are a popular option for new fence installs since they come pre-assembled, which saves time. Rather than hand-constructing the fence, which is what’s required for custom jobs, fence panels can be efficiently attached to fence posts.

With the help of a fencing pro it’s easy to estimate ahead of time how many fence panels you’ll need give the size of your property, and the time saved installing can then be spent painting or staining to protect the material.

(Staining the fence is a great project to do alongside your deck refinishing!)

Completing Your New Fence With Gates and Stylized Latches

A contained fence is fine for if you want to be able to come and go through the back door of your home, but adding at least one fence gate can make it easier to come and go with company or with your lawn mower and other tools.

Having a gate professionally installed along with the rest of your fence (or added to an existing fence) ensures everything lines up perfectly, the hinges move smoothly, and locks securely.

As with all our remodeling services we can also help you select components and styles if you aren’t sure what’s going to work well or look good. We’ve worked with all sorts of designs over the years, and you can lean on our experience to find just the right parts to build a fence that adds curb appeal, stands up to the elements for many years, and provides peace of mind.

We’re Also A Custom Fence Company

If you have something a bit more custom in mind than can be accomplished with standard fence panels, we can help you plan it out and install it.

Our custom fence options include:

  • Wooden fences
  • Vinyl fences
  • Chain link fences
  • Wrought iron fences
  • Aluminum fences

If you’re looking for a customized fence design, call us and let’s talk about it!