Kitchen islands are great for giving your cooking area a more personalized feel. They’re also great for entertaining, too, because in many designs they allow you to face your guests while preparing food.

If your family often cooks together, such that you have multiple people moving around the kitchen at the same time, installing a kitchen island can give you some extra surface space to work. Provided, of course, that your kitchen is large enough to accommodate the island without it being obstructive.

Kitchen remodel work-2

The kitchen in this photo is for demonstration purpose. Not everyone’s layout can accommodate such a long island, but as you can see in this case it serves as both a cooking space and a dining table.

A Kitchen Island Install May Involve Other Renovation.

In cases where the kitchen’s size or shape doesn’t lend itself easily to incorporating an island, it can then become part of a larger remodel.

Sometimes that’s as simple as installing new cabinets and appliances that save space or rearrange the room. Other times adjusting walls allow for layout choices that turn a cramped space into an ideal one. That’s a bigger job, sure, but having the home you’ve always wanted sometimes requires a few steps.

It’s a popular investment for homeowners, and not simply because it adds value to the home. It’s also far easier in many cases to adapt your current home than to go through the process of buying a new home.

(Unless of course it’s a property for major layout issue.)

If you’re considered adding a kitchen island but are on the fence…

What A Kitchen Island Can Add To Your Home

Here are some practical benefits that come with adding a kitchen island to your home:

  • Room for extra appliances and power outlets.
  • Gain a separate area to prepare food, chop veggies, or even serve the family when the meal is ready.
  • Extra storage space! Many island configurations include drawers and shelves
  • Easy seating for meals — some kitchen island configurations are large enough to function as a table for eating, which can free up other space in your kitchen.

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