This project served as a great example of residential renovation work that goes beyond kitchen and bathroom remodels. In this case, the wood all around the flooring of a doorway was rotten, and the door trim itself was cracked.

L Thomas Rotted Front Door Before -rs

Repairing this involved pulling up the decking around the door, as well as replacing electrical outlets affected by the rot.

L. Thomas Construction Phase Showing Rotten Damages -rs

As you can see, the fiberboard behind the siding was totally rotted out, which also included framing joists.

Repairs included:

  • Removing all damaged materials and replacing top grade 2×10 framing timbers
  • Replace door and framing units, as well as brick molding on door’s exterior
  • New Dutch Lap siding, as well as composite decking boards
  • Vapor bearer and insulation on the bottom of floor joists
  • Installation of new sheet rock and interior painting

L Thomas 2nd phase of constructionWhen the construction portion of the project was completed, we moved onto painting and finishing, creating a fresh like-new look the home hadn’t seen in many years.

L Thomas finished shots of home renovation

And that was the end result. Not all home renovation has to be new additions or revamping a current room. Sometimes it’s as straightforward as replacing worn out or troublesome materials. In cases like this, it happens as the home ages.

In other cases, it might be a door or amenity that came with the house, something you accepted at the time because you liked most of the house. But over time, maybe it became something that stuck out for you. With A-1 Renovation, you don’t have to settle for an irksome doorway, cabinet, or sink. We’ll take care of it for you from start to finish, from planning to cleanup.

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