Something we’ve been doing a lot more of in recent years that bears talking about is pre-construction agreements. This saves our clients money and trouble from the very start of the project, and our home remodel clients have found it quite valuable.

Normally, a homeowner might call a company like A-1 Renovation once they’re ready to break ground, but there are a few crucial steps prior to that point that having an experience contractor’s input for can make a difference.

Here’s generally how it works:

  • We meet with the homeowner to review the property and go over the goals for the project. We can assess what will be involved, what materials are needed, and which contractors we’ll need to retain.
  • We can review differences in material costs, time lines, and begin the process of obtaining needed permits from the city.
  • We’ll work to either create the architectural drawings or pull in an engineer to create them so we can be certain about dimensions, the setup of how your home is built, and how to plan for plumbing and electrical considerations.
  • We can apply our consulting fee toward the cost of the actual project, so it’s not a separate investment you’ll need to make. There is a minimum of 8 hours involved for this.

In short, we can organize everything, gather all the needed resources, and manage the project till completion to ensure everything is smooth, stays on budget, and finishes on time.

This is especially useful on larger home remodel projects.

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