Raised decks bring a much greater sense of continuity to your home, where the deck feels like an extension of the room you’re exiting rather than a random piece of the backyard.

A lot of that comes from the deck floor being perfectly level with the home. The stairs only come as you’re leaving the deck and heading into the backyard. Subtle touches like these set the tone of the space.

Kernersville deck remodel with stylized balusters
(Progress shot)

Covered Decks Provide Shade and Protection From The Weather.

When the sun beats down it’s nice to continue sitting outdoors with a lemonade out of the direct light. That way, no need for table umbrellas that can flex in the wind or become damaged in rough weather if you don’t take them down between uses.

It’s also useful to have a covered deck for rain and inclement weather. You’ll have a safe space for outdoor chairs, tables, or even kids’ toys that won’t clutter up the yard between sessions.

Stylized Balusters Personalize The Deck While Supporting The Railings.

The balusters, the steel vertical beams that join the top railing to the bottom support, serve a dual function in this example. With a creative shape they throw some personality into the mix while also providing safety and solidarity.

Aside the structural strength that balusters add to the railings, which is a safety plus in itself of course, they also create a barrier for pets and children. While this particular deck isn’t raised that high off the ground, a couple feet can still be quite a fall from a misplaced step.

This also protects objects on the deck from things like bouncing or stray balls from out in the yard. An errant beach ball or soccer ball, for instance, could be troublesome if it comes flying into a table or grill. The baluster and railing system enclose the space and keep the deck and yard distinct.