A Tobaccoville, NC home suffered fairly extensive water damage from a flood that ruined 75% of the floors on the lower level.

The challenge the homeowners had was not simply needing new wood flooring materials, but being able to blend it properly into the existing, saveable flooring.

Here is an early on photo showing the two sections perfectly joined, pre-staining to match.

Living room replacement wooden floor adjoined to existing material

To ensure the work met our high standards, management personally visited the properly at this phase and did a close examination of all the join points. Any adjustments that needed to be made for an ideal fit, he made note of for the teams.

From there, the new flooring was stained to match the existing areas, and looked fantastic.

Newly restored front foyer

Paint mats were placed over sections of the floor for the next phase of the renovation, but you can see in these shots how nice the newly restored flooring look.

Paint mats partially uncovered to show new wood flooring

Look at that wood grain!

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