These two terms are used pretty interchangeably in the industry. Two makes sense of the examples we’ll give further into this post, we’ll begin by defining what each one means.

Residential renovation means work that restores old, worn out, or damaged areas of your home to a higher quality state. You can think of it as repair work.

Some examples of home renovation work we’ve done are roof repairs, replacing rotted wood framing, worn out deck boards, or even faulty electrical systems. In these cases and more, our work is a complete package from the planning phases till the cleanup.

Our Lyndhurst project that we’ve highlighted a bit on the blog and in social media is also a good example of commercial renovation.

Residential remodeling refers to when you want to change the structure of some part of your home. This isn’t repair work, but more of an alteration. Common examples of home remodels would be things like kitchen and bathroom remodels — often to swap out fixtures or expand the rooms.

Maybe you want to separate one large bedroom into two smaller ones. Or maybe you want to open up a space by removing walls (or widening openings). These are all pretty common phone calls for home remodel projects.

Residential remodeling projects begin at $7,500. Give us a call for a full quote!

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