For the last year, the city of Winston Salem has seen a development boom not seen in 15 years. Even back in 2016, the Forsyth County Planning and Development Services said they saw $255 million in residential construction projects. If that wasn’t significant enough, they also reported $359 million in commercial construction projects (source).

That kind of boom led the county to project a population increase of 100,000 people over the next 20 years. That’s huge for the Winston Salem area.

This relates strongly to the recent push Winston Salem has made with the arts and innovation district.

It’s been a busy time for construction of all kinds, from highways like the business 40 to new residential areas. It’s an exciting push in many neighborhoods as homeowners make changes and revitalize their space. Many anticipate increased property values in developing areas, which creates new alternatives to the current batch of nicer neighborhoods.

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